Winners of 26th Annual Keep Montgomery County Beautiful Awards

Photographers, volunteers and schoolchildren among 56 honorees.


The county's Department of Transportation on Dec. 4 announced 56 awards to community groups, businesses, public institutions and other organizations whose landscaping projects enhance commercial or residential common areas, county roadsides and medians and other public locations.

The 26th annual Keep Montgomery County Beautiful community beautification awards honored:

  • municipal street plantings;
  • community plantings;
  • community landscape projects; 
  • outdoor projects at commercial and retail sites; 
  • outdoor projects at schools, government buildings, hospitals, and churches;
  • sustained maintenance; 
  • photographs of Montgomery County landmarks; 
  • adopt-a-road participants; and 
  • forestry stewardship.

Click here for a complete list of winners from across Montgomery County.

The following are winners from the Rockville area:

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONAL for outdoor projects at schools, government buildings, hospitals, churches or libraries:

Award of Excellence: Aspen Hill Library Gardens, Aspen Hill Garden ClubAspen Hill.

CITYSCAPE for municipal street plantings in median strips, near traffic ramps and next to sidewalks:

Award of Excellence:  Mattie Stepanek Park Peace Garden, City of Rockville.

Award of Excellence:  Veirs Mill Road Landscape Enhancements, City of Rockville (New).

Award of Distinction:  East Rockville Greenway, City of Rockville.

Award of Excellence:  Park Road and S. Stonestreet Land Enhancements, City of Rockville.

Award of Excellence:  Pump House at Croydon Park, City of Rockville, (Environmental).

Award of Excellence:  The Ponds at Fallsgrove, City of Rockville.

COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL for community landscaping projects designed and maintained by professional landscape architects or contractors:

Award of Excellence: Grosvenor Park Grosvenor Park Maintenance Trust Association Monument, Lancaster Landscapes, Rockville.

COMMERCIAL/RETAIL for outdoor projects at facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, retail businesses, gas stations, etc.:

Award of Excellence: National Auto Body, Rockville.

Award of Excellence: Tower Oaks, The Brickman Group, Rockville. 

Award of Merit: Twinbrook Sunoco, Rockville.

Award of Excellence: Lobsang Executive Shell, Rockville, (Environmental).

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONAL for outdoor projects at schools, government buildings, hospitals, churches or libraries:

Award of Excellence: The Jewish Community Center, Ruppert Landscaping, Rockville.

Award of Excellence: Master Gardeners Demonstration Gardens, Derwood Agricultural Farm Park, Derwood.

Award of Excellence: Viers Mill Baptist Church, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Rockville, (Environmental/New).

Award of Excellence: St. James Episcopal Church Vestry Gardens, American Plant Landscape Division, Rockville, (Environmental).

Award of Excellence: Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, American Plant Landscape, Rockville.

YOUTH for outdoor projects by an individual or group who are younger than 19 years old. Adult supervision is permitted, but the majority of a project must be completed by youth:

Award of Distinction: Rockville High School Conservation Landscape, Rockville High Horticulture and Science Class Students, Rockville.

SUSTAINED MAINTENANCE for previous triple award winners of the Award of Excellence: 

First Year/ Cityscape: Rockville Town Square, Ruppert Landscaping, Rockville

Second Year/ Community Non-Professional: Cambridge Walk II Homeowners Association, Rockville

Second Year/ Community Non-Professional: Rockshire Entranceway, Rockshire Garden Club, Rockville

Photography MONTGOMERY COUNTY YOUTH—for those younger than 19 years of age who wish to compete against others their age. 

First: Helpless & Hungry But Still Together, Tatiana Harris, Gaithersburg

Second: The First Sign of Summer, Bethany Pereira, Rockville

Third: Montgomery County Salutes America, Anna Meleney, Rockville

Photography MONTGOMERY COUNTY LANDMARKS—Any photo taken outdoors in Montgomery County of a natural or manmade commonly recognized landmark or scene.

First: Overlook Panorama, Keegan Barber, Rockville

Second: Forgotten Memories, Mamqalika Pereira, Rockville

Third: Seneca Schoolhouse, Linda Joy, Gaithersburg.

Photography MONTGOMERY COUNTY AT WORK—Any photo taken of one or more people at work, contributing to the livability and splendor of the county.

First: Yellow + Blue = Green, Judith MacArthur, Rockville.


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