Moore to Run for Rockville City Council

Compensation Commission chairman said he plans to campaign door-to-door.

Tom Moore, the chairman of the city's Compensation Commission, announced Monday that he will be on the ballot as a candidate for Rockville City Council on Nov. 8.

"Rockville's next Mayor and Council have some great opportunities to shape our City," Moore said in a news release posted on his campaign website. "They will hire a new City Manager. They will steer the future of Town Center and Rockville Pike. I am excited by these opportunities. I have the skills and the experience required to address them, and I look forward to going door-to-door to make my case to Rockville's voters."

Moore ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2009.

In addition to heading the Compensation Commission, which recommends salaries for the mayor and City Council, Moore is a member of the Executive Committee of 's Board of Directors. He also served on the city's Traffic and Transportation Commission.

Moore led the campaign for the full funding and timely construction of , the release said.

He has been a board member for the West End Citizen's Association and a member of the Town Center Action Team and an ambulance commander for the .

A 14-year Rockville resident, he grew up in Montgomery County and graduated from Montgomery County Public Schools. He and his fiancee, Amy Gambrill, have six children, all of whom will attend county schools this fall: Alexander, Elsa and Zoe at ; Ellie at ; Joey at ; and Katie at .

The city clerk's office confirmed Monday that Moore has been certified as a candidate. He joins John Hall and Councilwoman Bridget Donnell Newton as the only City Council candidates whose candidacy has been certified for the ballot.

Frank McDonough July 26, 2011 at 11:12 PM
what is his position on the Redgate issue? Favorable I hope.
Jim Coyle July 29, 2011 at 05:39 PM
Great that Tom is running again. If you want respectful and intelligent straight talk, Tom is your candidate. He has also served the community well in a variety of important positions which has given him a experienced perspective that will serve him well on the Council.


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