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Maps Explain Edmondson Avenue Bike Lanes

Patch wants to know, do you support the Edmondson Avenue bike lanes?

The Baltimore County Department of Planning has released the maps that explain the bicycle, parking and multi-use lanes that will go on Edmondson Avenue from the Baltimore city line to Dutton Avenue.

The plan, which is being paid for by by a combination of county funds and a , may also call for the elimination of the center turn lane on Edmondson Avenue.

The proposal sparked discussion on Patch last week, as readers debate the merits of the proposal.

Patch has received the detailed maps of the plan from Baltimore County, which are attached as PDFs to this article. 

We also want to know, do you support the bike lanes? Tell us in the comments and vote in our poll.

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Don W. June 19, 2012 at 11:04 PM
I support bike lanes on Edmondson Ave., but not until something is done about the aggressive driving on this road. I believe someone on a bike is going to get severely hurt or die. Aggressive drivers use the center lane and sometimes the shoulder of the road to pass those drivers who are going the speed limit or 5 mph above the limit. If the center lane is eliminated and bike lanes are added I fear they will become the "passing lanes" for speeders and bikers will be at risk.
Terry June 20, 2012 at 03:05 AM
I used to ride my bike in the mid 70's on Edmondson Ave. and never had a problem with traffic. I' m concerned about eliminating the middle turn lanes. People really speed in those cars and if your sitting on Edmondson Ave. its looks more like your car is disabled, rather then making a left turn. I think this requires further thought.
cville city June 20, 2012 at 03:12 AM
In a perfect world, bikes and cars could co-exist. Catonsville is not that world. I enjoy the free flowing traffic and left turn lane that keeps people moving since Frederick road is a disaster to drive most days. Spending the money seems like it could have been collected and better spent elsewhere, especially given the current economy. I encounter many vehicles thay fail turn utilize the turn lane and wind up nearly causing accidents. Imagine if a cyclist were in the cycle lane when a driver veers right to avoid a collision with that driver. Catonsville isn't columbia and roads and neighborhoods are congested enough. This will only add to the congestion.
Terry June 20, 2012 at 04:35 AM
cville city - well said. I don't feel comfortable without a turn lane, it makes me feel uneasy. All I will be doing is looking into my rear view mirror waiting for a car to slam into the rear of my car sending me 50 ft. As for Frederick road, that is hopeless, beyond help.
rc June 27, 2012 at 06:07 PM
I am in favor of bike lanes and more in favor of getting bike lanes and continuous sidewalks on both sides of Edmondson Ave. I'm glad the county found grants to perform the striping asap however, I do not want the re-striping of Edmondson to push back full sidewalk, bike lane, and road improvements that are a part of the 2020 Master Plan. This area is currently a #1 priority for those items. I do not want to see it pushed down the list with the argument that the lane painting solves the issue. This road CLEARLY needs continuous sidewalks, bike lanes, and reduced motor vehicle speeds. This road is the first of Catonsville that many see when they come off of 695. I think making the full improvement as planned as soon as possible will increase safety, reduce through traffic, and provide a much needed facelift to the northern artery of old-town Catonsville.


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