Montgomery County Results for 2012 Election

Voters flocked to the polls in Montgomery County on Election Day 2012.

Table to be updated when final results become available. Updated 9:50 a.m. Wednesday

Final Votes for Election 2012 in Montgomery County

Race Democratic Percentage/Precincts reporting Republican Percentage/Precincts reporting U.S President Obama-Biden
238 Romney-Ryan
96537 22.69
238 U.S Senate Cardin, Ben

Bongino, Daniel John
72,670 22.81

Congressional Dist. 6 Delaney, John
84 Bartlett, Roscoe G.
35,024 30.56
84 Congressional Dist. 8 Van Hollen, Chris
129 Timmerman, Ken


Ballot Questions For Percent/Precincts reporting Against
Percent/Precincts reporting
Ballot Question 4 (Dream Act) 221,875 70.61
238 92,369 29.39
238  Ballot Question 5 (Congressional Redistricting) 185,710 63.92
238  104,834 36.08
238  Ballot Question 6 (Civil Marriage) 205,178 64.28
238 114,035 35.72
238  Ballot Question 7 (Gambling Expansion) 175,989 54.93
238  144,392 45.07
238  Question A (Workers with Disabilities) 240,245 79.98
238  60,120  20.02
238  Question B (Police Union "Effects Bargaining") 172,360 59.47
238  117,464 40.53
  Question C (Alcohol Sale in Damascus) 5,951
5 3,025 33.70

For Board of Education .


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(UPDATE 4:30 P.M.)

Germantown Election Results 2012

GERMANTOWN PATCH—If Tocque Peyton had one wish for Election Day, it would be to have a passenger van jam-packed full of voters. Peyton volunteered to drive residents of a public housing community in Germantown to a nearby polling center, but only two people were on van for his first trip. Among them was a 23-year-old from Germantown who said he couldn’t pass up the chance to vote. Read more about the afternoon scene at the polls, as afternoon creeps into evening hours, and crowds at polls across Germantown subside.

Rockville Goes to the Polls

ROCKVILLE PATCH—Outside Earle B. Wood Middle School in Rockville on Tuesday, Sanford Gold handed out campaign literature and worried.

“I’m an Obama supporter, but I’m worried because I think there’s a lot of undecided people,” said Gold, 77, of Rockville.

The former U.S. Department of Labor employee offered a theory on the state of the nation’s economy.

“Business has been holding back on job opportunities to make Obama look bad,” he said. “And I think there will be a resurgence of job opportunities when Romney wins.”

Election Day 2012 in Chevy Chase

CHEVY CHASE PATCH—Top concerns for Chevy Chase voters on Election Day were the referendum questions on expanded gambling, same-sex marriage and the "Dream Act" in Maryland, as well as the selection of the president. Explore Chevy Chase Patch's video gallery to hear what residents said was most important to them when they voted. 

Takoma Park Votes on Election Day

TAKOMA PARK PATCH—Takoma Park resident Pepe Gomez, 46, said the process has been fairly smooth for him, but he would like to see a few changes.

“I still think that although we have early voting, we must have the day of the election as a national holiday so people can come to vote,” Gomez said.


Montgomery County voters flocked to polling places Tuesday to cast their ballots on Election Day 2012. Lines were long in many places and waits were up to an hour.

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Here is the best of Patch coverage:

Gov. O'Malley Goes to Polls in Silver Spring

SILVER SPRING PATCH—Temps were chilly, but voters were warm to most of the ballot questions set before them. The voters Patch spoke to were in favor of gay marriage legislation, the Dream Act and expanded gambling. We also ran into Councilmember Valerie Ervin, flanked by a group of student volunteers from Montgomery Blair High School, stumping for gay marriage and the Dream Act. Gov. Martin O'Malley stopped by, as promised, and met with a few people outside of the Civic Building. (Although one tweeter was peeved, O'Malley didn't talk to voters in line.) He said that he voted "yes" to the ballot questions "to move Maryland forward." 

Best quotes in Silver Spring

I’m a strong supporter of six because that seems to be a freedom issue. Matter fact, I don’t even understand why I’m voting on somebody else’s marriage. —Benjamin Ambrose, 51, on Question 6, legalizing same-sex marriage.

The question is are we going to do this to enhance the revenue inside our state. Seems like an open and shut case—I live in this state, let’s keep the money here. Sorry, West Virginia. —Ambrose, on Question 7, expanded gambling.

Wheaton Polls See 'Heavy' Morning Turnout

WHEATON PATCH—Wheaton polling places saw long lines Tuesday morning, and election judges tell Patch that the Montgomery County Board of Elections advised them to expect an 80-85 percent voter turnout. Read more on Wheaton Patch. 

Heavy Turnout at Bethesda Polling Locations

BETHESDA PATCH—At Walt Whitman High School, veteran election judge Austin King reported the heaviest voter turnout she’s seen in her 15 years as an election volunteer. More than 325 voters cast their ballot within the first hour, King said. 

Best quote in Bethesda 

For a lot of people the revenue is appealing, Bethesda voter John Kendrick said of the gaming initiative. But I'd rather forego revenue as a matter of principle.

Potomac Voters Experience Long Lines at Election Polls

POTOMAC PATCH—Potomac voters waited in lines for up to an hour Tuesday morning as the 2012 Election Day brought residents out to answer tough questions.

GAITHERSBURG PATCH—Voters hoping to get in and out of their designated precincts in Gaithersburg were met with long lines and wait times of more than 45 minutes Tuesday morning, but were generally patient and eager to cast their ballot. 


Several races were specific to Montgomery County:

Sixth Congressional District: 

In his run for an 11th term, Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett must now consider Montgomery County because of the new boundaries for the 6th District. A Frederick County resident, Bartlett claimed the Republican nomination with 43.8 percent of the primary vote. Bartlett, whose background is in science and business, was listed as the state’s wealthiest congressman (58th out of 435 members of the House of Representative). Get to know the Bartlett on his official website.

Democrat John Delaney hopes to bring his understanding of the economy and ideas for job creation to Congress. The Potomac resident believes his experience and expertise will prove beneficial to lowering the deficit and unemployment rate for Maryland and the United States.

Eighth District:

 Rep. Christopher Van Hollen (D), a longtime Kensington resident and ranking member on the House Budget Committee, touts health care, education, the environment, and open government among his top issues.

Kenneth Timmerman, a Republican, is a long-time resident of Kensington with his wife Christina and has five children in Maryland public schools and universities. Timmerman writes about on defense and intelligence issues and has testified as an expert witness in terrorism trials in U.S. federal courts and before Congress. 

Montgomery County Board of Education:


Phil Kauffman – A member of the Board of Education since 2008, Kauffman is seeking to be re-elected to his at-large seat. He works as deputy assistant general council of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Morris Panner – Endorsed by The Washington Post’s editorial board, Panner is the CEO of a healthcare information technology company and the father of four elementary-aged children.


Fred Evans – Evans is a 30-year veteran of Montgomery County Public Schools, serving as a social studies teacher, staff training specialist, assistant principal and principal at the middle school and high school levels. 

Rebecca Smondrowski – Smondrowski, a parent of two current school-aged children, has served on local and county level PTAs. She has worked professionally in the local and state government, most recently as the legislative aide to Senator Roger Manno.

Christopher Barclay – Barclay currently serves as Vice President of the Montgomery County Board of Education. He was elected to his first four-year term on Nov. 4, 2008, after being appointed to the Board on Dec. 9, 2006.

Annita Seckinger - Seckinger currently volunteers as a mediator for the county and would work towards reducing the level of bullying in schools, she told Patch.

In the presidential race, Montgomery County is expected to favor President Obama. Four years ago, the Obama-Biden ticket received 71.6 percent of Montgomery County's votes, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections' website.

That was 314,444 votes. The McCain-Palin ticket, in comparison, got only 118,608 votes from Montgomery County, or 27 percent of the county's votes.


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