Updated: Belward, Hopkins Ready For Wednesday Hearing

Montgomery County Circuit Court will hear Johns Hopkins University's motion to dismiss a breach of donor intent lawsuit from the heirs of the former Belward Farm owner.

Updated, 4:35 p.m.: The hearing, originally scheduled for 10 a.m., has been moved to 1:30 p.m., according to representatives for Tim Newell. The judge is expecting to make a ruling immediately after hearing arguments from each side.

Original Post, 12 p.m.: from the heirs of the former owner of Belward Farm will be heard in Montgomery County Circuit Court tomorrow, Feb. 1.

The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. in courtroom 14, 50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Md., according to Donna Baron of Scale-It-Back.com, a website advocating against the grandiose scale of Hopkins' plans to develop a 4.6 million square-foot, high-rise commercial complex.

The university originally agreed in 1989 to build a low-rise academic campus no larger than 1.4 million square feet of gross floor area.


Tim Newell, nephew of former Belward owner Elizabeth Banks and lead plaintiff in the breach of donor intent lawsuit, said he believes the university's motion to dismiss will not be successful.

"My one and only goal in this case is to obtain justice for my Aunt Liz, my
Uncle Roland and My Mother Beulah," Newell told Patch in an email. "I am confident this hearing will be the first step in reaching that goal."

Johns Hopkins University spokeswoman Robin Ferrier said the university would not make any statement prior to the hearing.

Editor's Note: The hearing was originally scheduled

Timothy January 31, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Don't expect there to be a ruling on the merits of the case. Chances are overwhelming that the judge will deny the motion to dismiss and the case will proceed. The motion would only be granted if the judge decided that, assuming everything the plaintiffs say is true, they still don't have a case. It's pretty close to a formality in this case.
Lezlie Crosswhite January 31, 2012 at 09:38 PM
I will definitely be there. I am certain that once the judge hears from both sides, s/he will deny the motion to dismiss. At least that is what should happen, assuming s/he is fair and impartial!
Donna Baron (Scale-it-back.com) February 01, 2012 at 12:52 AM
I will be there and I hope the judge has done her homework. If she has she will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the officials at Johns Hopkins knew Elizabeth Banks' intentions for Belward Farm and they ignored them. Hopkins is so fixated on making big bucks on Ms. Banks' property, they have cast aside integrity, honor and good sense.
mark February 01, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Judge will deny motion to dismiss. If she does not, that's too easy to get overturned on appeal. Hopkins will get what it wants eventually, but it will have to work hard to get it.
Maria Fusco February 01, 2012 at 01:42 PM
If Hopkins is allowed to continue, will add to the movement already started throughout County FOR TRANSPARENT, OPEN & PUBLIC (True seat @ Planning Tables): These "Back Room Deals" and in this case, clear disregard for Mrs. Bank's EXTREMELY GENEROUS donor's gift and wishes, is a double slap on all of our faces who believe in Open & Democratic Government AND integrity & morality. I'm planning on being there.


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