On The Marc Media News Hit: "Targeted” By Hackers, Our Audrey Romano Makes News

Target admits to having a bad week. They were hacked in a big way --with as many as 40 million customers' credit and debit card information stolen in a massive security breach during the holiday shopping season. The U.S. Secret Service is investigating, but On The Marc Media's Audrey Romano got on the case early--and discovered her account was hit for more than a thousand dollars. A frequent Target shopper, Audrey says thieves used her info to buy e-gift cards and a pair of men's pants.

She posted a warning on Facebook, but media friendly as we are, On The Marc Media reached out to a few of our news contacts via social media and text. Next thing Audrey knew, two news crews were knocking on her front door to cover the story.   Both NBC4 and Fox 5 ran interviews with her. 


Being the victim of a computer hack might not have been the way Audrey wanted to earn her #15MinutesofFame, but her story serves as a cautionary tale to millions of Target shoppers, who might want to spend a few minutes checking their credit card statements.


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