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Moms Talk: The Family Calendar

Our Patch Moms Council weighs in on how to keep their families in the know.

Each week our Moms Council discusses a different parenting issue. Join the conversation by weighing in on a topic or ask our panel of experts your question.

We put this week's question to our Potomac Patch for their ideas and advice. The suggestions don’t end here‚ add your own tips and advice in the comments section below.

This week's question comes from , a reader and Potomac Moms Council member.

Wow, do you keep track of the calendars? Between school closings and events, sports, occasions and appointments, how do you keep everyone in the know?

I keep most everything on my Outlook calendar at work. It means my admin has to ignore all the items on there regarding school closings, school picnics, etc., but there’s no other way to keep it all straight. I try and calendar things that are just on there as a reminder to me as “free,” rather than “busy” so as not to block the time off on my calendar. Thankfully my admin has two school age kids, so she totally understands!

I also do keep another calendar at home in our mud room that has upcoming activities for our two younger (non-school age) kids (such as library story times, puppet shows, etc.), so our nanny can look at it and decide what special activities to do with them.   

: I am old fashioned and like to write things down, so I keep a master family calendar and carry it with me. I e-mail important dates to my husband so that he can put them on his calendar.

: We use a calendar program we can share, with color coding. MCPS now helps you download the school calendar. You can easily set up any recurring events, specific appointments and even link to your contact “special” dates. This family calendar can go right to your phone or tablet. The current and next month then hang in the kitchen—to keep everyone in the know.

For older children, and others involved in family care, a copy of the calendar file can be shared through the calendar program or even Excel, and they can keep a copy on their computers and smartphones. It’s easy and fun, and everyone helps keep their commitments current.

Gina Hagler August 30, 2011 at 04:45 PM
We have a large calendar on the back door. Everything medical, school, sports, or friend related is on there. For us it's the most efficient way for everyone to know what's going on.


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