Black T-Shirt Campaign, Kickstarted!

Earlier this year I found out about the inhumane and abusive circumstances that exist in sweatshops where workers make much of the clothing we buy in malls, department stores, and online. My heart broke when I found out that the money I’ve spent on my own wardrobe has gone to companies that profit from exploiting children as young as 11 in sometimes life-threatening working conditions, and I made up my mind to do something about it!

I decided to start a project that would make it easier for people to shop ethically. The idea is, if we stop giving our money to corrupt brands, and start supporting ethical brands, then the tide will change and manufacturers will be forced to change with the trend. My goal was to create a comprehensive directory of ethically made fashion brands, an expansive archive of alleged culprits and sweatshop busts, and an up-to-date feed of the best trends and bargains ethical fashion has to offer. It has taken countless hours of research, but Black T-Shirt Campaign’s website is up and running - a one-stop shop for all of the easy ways the average person can actually help end one of modern-days worst crimes. I also have a twitter for human-trafficking facts, a tumblr for clickable outfit inspiration, and a facebook page to keep up to date with my best-of posts!

I’m a 20 year old girl with a dream of one day opening a residential treatment center for homeless kids who are too severely mentally unstable to be placed in foster care. Currently, I work full time at a grocery store, and it’s almost impossible to continue giving Black T-Shirt Campaign the attention it deserves. In order to be able to continue spending the time required to make Black T-Shirt Campaign a reputable source, (as well as raise awareness of the cause!) I have started an ethically-made t-shirt line. I screen-print the shirts myself! I need to raise 5.5K by Dec. 18 in order for the project to launch - and currently we’re falling a bit behind. I need your help in order to get the project off of the ground! 

If you’d like to pre-order a t-shirt or support my Kickstarter in any way, click here!


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