MoCo Headlines: Kensington Shooting, Change in Grading Sought

Plus, a social media campaign saves family from deportation, and a local television anchor retires.

The week's top Montgomery County news headlines.

Catch up on news you may have missed this week including a murder-suicide in Kensington, the one-year anniversary of the Lululemon murder and news on a Germantown family’s struggle to stay in the United States. 

County police say Phillip Joseph Gilberti, 51, took his own life Tuesday after he shot his wife, Heather Lynn McGuire, of Rockville. The shooting took place in broad daylight during morning hours in Kensington. McGuire, 36, a mother of six, was in the middle of divorce proceedings and a domestic dispute with Gilberti when she was killed. .

Some Cabin John Middle School parents want to keep their students' grades in an advanced English class out of their high school transcripts because they believe students who earn a "B" might be at a disadvantage than their peers who earn a "C" when it comes time to apply for college. 

After spending nearly a week in a maximum-security detention center in fear of being deported, the Germantown family that sparked a social media firestorm got the chance to thank their supporters at a rally Wednesday. 

The committee recommended the local park as the site for the new Bethesda-Chevy Chase cluster middle school slated to open in 2017. 

The Northeast Consortium's 31 elementary, middle and schools are once again leader-less after this week's announcement that community superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez will leave her post next month to head the MCPS' office of school support and improvement. . 

Wootton and Churchill have cut on-level history courses for 2011-12 and 2012-13, respectively, but they aren't the first county school to drop some on-levels. 

The Montgomery County Council's Planning, Housing, and Economic Development committee is taking Wheaton redevelopment in a new direction. The $55 million proposed at a March 12 worksession would shift the redevelopment program's focus away from the much-debated WMATA platform and onto a plan to create more office space in downtown Wheaton. 

Joe Krebs, who spent 32 years at Channel 4, retires March 30 and is preparing for retirement by planning a trip to France with his wife as well as long bicycle trips around the country. "I meet people on the street who say, 'You're in my home every morning. You help me start my day.' It's a tremendous compliment. ... I'm going to miss that feeling of usefulness," Krebs said. 

Bethesda Patch editor Erin Donaghue reflects on covering the Lululemon case, a year after the tragic homicide. .

Ima Dunn March 18, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Would the following be considered a service impact to county employees or citizens of Montgomery County? DTS mainframe is the reason that was used to RIF nine employees last March by the former DTS Director Steve Emanuel, however most employees in DTS believe it was retaliation for filing several grievances against there supervisor. The servers went down on Sunday night, March 11th because the temperature in the computer room hit 130 degrees. It would have taken several hours for the air conditioning units to be down to reach that temperature. These are the type of problems that will continue to happen when you don't provide the appropriate coverage needed for a computer room providing support to a county as prominent as Montgomery County. DTS management said that there would be no service impacts when they... let go nine " Essential " personnel. I'll let you judge if they were honest and forthcoming. Tell that to the children of this woman who was murdered. The judge couldn't access CJIS, which is a mainframe application, that was down for several hours, Sunday night into Monday afternoon. The outage Sunday night could have been held to a minimal if DTS hadn't of excused these " ESSENTIAL " personnel. Very likely with minimal downtime the CJIS system would have been available Monday morning.The only problem is, that the several hours between the air conditioners going down and the servers going down was critical this time.


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