Metro Chief Planner To Discuss Growth Plan With Transit Riders

Metro’s head of planning Shyam Kannan will answer questions about the transit system's 30-year growth plan Tuesday.

Transit riders will get a chance to review Metro’s 30-year growth plan with Metro’s chief planner at a meeting of advocacy group Action Committee for Transit on Tuesday, the group said in a press release.

The recently-released, $26 billion plan calls for running eight-car trains across the Metrorail system, upgrading bus service, adding new rail tunnels and pedestrian tunnels in downtown Washington, DC, and other changes.

Metro general manager Richard Sarles told The Washington Post that the infrastructure upgrades are necessary to keep up with the region's growth.

“Now is the time for the region—with Metro in the lead—to begin talking about projects that make the most sense for making long-term investments," Sarles told The Post.

Metro’s head of planning Shyam Kannan will take questions at the meeting. It's set for 7:30 p.m Tuesday at the Silver Spring Civic Center.


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