A Site Worth a Mention, ‘Intervention’ and Aggregation

It’s the ‘everything’s fine when you’ve got a K-9’ edition of ‘The Rundown.’

Happy Thursday, Rockville!

Ring the promotional bell. (Ding! Ding!) It’s time for a brief plug.

HuffPost DC launched today.

Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, discusses what the latest local section of the Internet newspaper will bring to D.C. in this post.

(The part I’m most partial to is “the HuffPost DC team will be showcasing stories from the surrounding Patches in Maryland and Virginia.”)

She also writes about the duality of a changing Washington metropolitan area that it’s safe to say has changed quite a bit since she lived here in the early ‘90s.

And now the “nearly 20 years since the Skins won a Super Bowl” edition of “The Rundown”:

  • It was wet out there (nothing new) and chilly (what’s that all about?) today. It looks like the rain situation can be rectified (that is, assuming you’re as sick of precipitation as I am), but the fall-like temperatures look like they’re going to hang around for a while.
  • Today we brought you a report from Monday’s City Council meeting where Rockville Last week, as the Pittsburgh Steelers prepared to play the Baltimore Ravens (though not well, it turned out), Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s charity announced a grant to support the K-9 unit of the county sheriff’s office. Last year (yes, we’re almost a year old), that the office put toward the purchase of explosive detection training supplies and equipment to continue to train and maintain explosive detection K-9 teams. This year’s grant will go toward the purchase of four “K9 Storm” bullet proof vests, to help protect the department’s four highly specialized canine teams, according to a release from the foundation.
  • A reminder for food aficionados (and as humans, aren’t well all food aficionados): . Why not pick a new restaurant from the list of participating establishments and give it a try?
  • The City of Rockville’s Hispanic heritage celebration kicks off at 4:30 p.m. on Friday at Lincoln Park Community Center with a performance by Honduran dance group Yum Kaax Upn and by violinist Angel Rios Numada, who performed on Wednesday at the White House. The performances are the first of three events planned to celebrate Hispanic heritage in the city over the next several weeks.
  • Our friends at Rockville Central noted today that Intervention ’11 comes to this weekend. Dubbed “The Internet Culture Convention,” the schedule includes such programming as “Antipode Presents: ‘Super Mario Belly Dance World,’” “Audio Podcasting 101,” “Cosplay Burlesque” and (something I’m sure many of us could’ve used at one time or another) “Dating Advice For Nerds.” Not understanding much about most of what’s offered (and not particularly wanting to think about the Nintendo characters of my youth belly dancing), I was particularly drawn to the “Area Guide.” It’s always interesting to see what draws others to where you live.
  • Earlier this year, who were recognized as finalists in the short story contest of the Gaithersburg Book Festival. Festival organizers are again looking for high school students to .
  • “This Week in Aggregation” features a photo from Fox 5 of how a typically slow trip down Rockville Pike got even slower for commuters one day last week and a look inside the new Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring from WUSA 9. On the sports scene, a roller derby team (no, not ) told the Baltimore Sun that the much-talked-about helmets that the Maryland Terrapins wore against the Miami Hurricanes looked awfully familiar (NBC Sports offers a closer look here) and The Gazette profiles a Rockville senior who knows that in her sport, love means nothing.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is sponsoring several ways for the community to help fight childhood cancer during September, which is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To get involved today, or any time of year, click here.
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