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Over 2 Million Homes Are Burglarize In America Each Year—Remove Your Risk Of Burglary With Secure Remote Enter!
Without a lock to pick burglars will struggle to find a way into your home or business—you can even secure your windows and glass entryways with keyless remote entry.
NATIONWIDE, ADD DATE, 2013—Over 80% of standard door hardware can be picked or tampered with by a professional burglar in less than 60 seconds. This leads to well over 2 million home and business burglaries in the America each year. Even if you have a home security system or video monitoring, burglars can be in and out of your home in a just a few minutes—causing costly damage and walking out with your hard earned valuables.
In an effort to create a safety and security device that eliminates burglar’s ability to pick your lock, the visionaries at Remock Lockey have created a 100% pickproof, tamperproof, and entirely invisible lock. Remock Lockey’s are installed to doors or windows by drilling only a few small holes into the door, window, and frame it is being installed.
Once you install your Remock Lockey lock you can achieve lockless, keyless entry with your corresponding remote entry remote control. Your remote can not be copied or duplicated, and the lock itself remains on the interior of your home or building—meaning there is no way for burglars to tamper with your new keyless lock system.
“When designing Remock Lockey we wanted to create a security solution that could be used for all types of windows and entryways from wood, glass, and metal. With a quick and easy installation process your home will be 100% pickproof.” Remock Lockey Representative
There are many home security tools on the market, but few that can be installed for your homes, businesses, trailers, sheds, storage facilities, boats, airplanes, restaurants, and retailers. And even fewer that can be installed on both windows, doors and patio doors, made from the most common building materials such as wood, metal, and glass. To learn more about Remote Lockey and their revolutionary remote entry access please visit www.techno-mall.com.


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