Rockville Shop Prepared For Sandy's Worst, Which Never Arrived

Ben & Jerry's owners thankful storm didn't leave outages like June's derecho.


As the last vestiges of Sandy swept through Rockville on Tuesday afternoon, Bonnie and Marc Sosin were setting up shop at their Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Rockville Town Center. 

It was the first time the couple could remember that a storm with the hype and the fury of Sandy didn’t knock out power to the store. 

“The derecho was no fun,” Marc Sosin said. “We had four days of no power and a huge insurance claim.”

With that experience in mind the Sosins did not open for business on Monday. Instead, they spent Sunday and Monday preparing by moving ice cream out of the shop’s small display freezers and into other freezers packed with dry ice.

Fortunately, it was all for naught. This time around, “The power never went out,” Bonnie Sosin said. “Which is a good thing.” 

Late Tuesday afternoon the Sosins moved the ice cream back and prepared to open at 5 p.m.


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