Study of Giving Ranks Rockville Below County, State

A study in 'The Chronicle of Philanthropy' ranks charitable giving by ZIP code.


When compared to countywide and statewide levels of giving, Rockville residents gave a smaller percentage of their incomes to charity, according to recent study by The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle published data on how much residents of every ZIP code in the United States donate to charity, based on 2008 IRS tax return information.

Here’s data for the Rockville ZIP codes covered by the study:

How Rockville Gives

ZIP Total Contributions Rank Total Contributions Median Contribution Amount Median Discretionary Income Percentage of Income Given 20850 445/28,725 $36.5 million $2,643 $64,661 4.1 percent 20851 7,718     4.2 million   1,795   41,459 4.3 20852 590   32.4 million   2,485   51,443 4.8 20853 1,271   22.5 million   2,914   60,507 4.8 20855 (Derwood) 3,031   12.9 million   3,033   67,860 4.5

Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy 

A map of giving across the country is available at Philanthropy.com.

In Maryland, people gave on average 5.7 percent of discretionary income, .

Montgomery County residents gave about 5.8 percent of their incomes to charity, a total of $954.2 million, according to the study.

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Brigitta Mullican August 21, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Very interesting numbers.


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