Moms Talk: Motivating Mom or Pushy Parent?

How do you tell whether you're encouraging or pushing your child?

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Parents want the best for their children. They want them to try new things, to experience what the world has to offer. They want them to be driven and they want them to succeed.

But how does the parent know when their child is driven to succeed and when it's the parent who is doing the all the driving? Pushing a child a bit out of their comfort zone so that they try something new is one thing. Pushing them over the edge is something very different.

Stage moms. Helicopter parents. . No matter what the name, there's a fine line between encouraging and pushing a child.

Gina Hagler April 13, 2011 at 11:58 PM
This is a tough one. If I'm more concerned about being on time than the child is, I'm more invested in this than my child is. That tells me I'm pushing. The next question is whether I'm pushing because this is something I really want her to do or because it's something I want her to try. If it's because I really want this for her - I'm pushing in a not-so-great way <sigh> If it's because it's something I really want her to try, I agree before we begin that if she doesn't like it after three classes, she doesn't have to continue.


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