Historian Offers a Rockville Tour of Watergate

Blog: A bank, a country club, a newspaper and a phone booth tie Rockville to the scandal.

The arrest of five burglars 40 years ago this month set off a scandal that brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency. The scandal became synonymous with in Georgetown.

Rockville has its own landmarks connecting our town to Watergate, Max A. van Balgooy, a Rockville resident and historian, writes on his Max For Rockville blog.

Van Balgooy’s recent post gives a tour that includes two Rockville homes, a former security consulting office, an appliance shop, a country club, a , the former site of where a certain reporter got his start and the site of a since-removed telephone booth near places where Rockvillians now go for , or .

Van Balgooy’s research, which, he writes, is ongoing, reveals how Rockville is forever intertwined with a major moment in American history.

Click here to read the blog post on Max For Rockville.

Ed Duffy June 25, 2012 at 03:00 PM
The "Watergate phone booth" was indeed located adjacent to the Fountain Blue Restaurant on Route 355, however the property now occupied by Cameron's Seafood was the location of Agnew's Inn and Peake's Office Furniture not the Fountain Blue Restaurant. That business which at one time was called the "Club 240" was located across Frederick Road from the present College Plaza Shopping Center. The property upon which it had been situated was largerly removed to make way for the construction of Metro. The Agnew's Inn site, which was also trimmed by Metro construction had been cleared by the City of Rockville as part of the Jr. College Urban Renewal Project. The City sold the property to the origional developer of the Cameron site. Ed Duffy


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