For Better and Not for Worse: Why Monitoring Your Health with a Personal Health Record (PHR) Leads to Improved Outcomes

In an article in Hitched Magazine, “The Importance of Having a Personal Health Record,” author Robin Wiener, Get Real Health’s President and Founding Partner, writes that, “One of the most effective ways to increase patient engagement is with a personal health record (PHR).  PHRs provide many benefits to those who use them, but like one’s credit rating, just having a record is not enough. It is important that people keep up on monitoring them, too.”

Wiener adds that there are five benefits to creating and then monitoring your PHR:  saving money, ensuring accuracy, having greater control over your health, providing information when needed and staying organized. “Having your own medical history at your disposal,” Wiener says, “puts you, the patient, back in a position of power to be responsible and informed of your own health status.”

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